The Lure Of The Emerald

Nothing can be more enigmatic than an emerald engagement ring and it can make your day a lot more special? The bride can really make a special look with that radiant with a ring in emerald adorning her dainty finger. An emerald engagement ring offers the most verdant and versatile look as compared to any other stone. The look works best for the bride, depending her own sense of style. Having a beautiful pair of emerald earrings or a dazzling necklace can accentuate the gorgeous emerald engagement ring. When looking at bridal sets in huge variety, you are sure to come across different rings in emeralds and other stones.


At Neelam fancy jewelry, one will come across a wide range of wedding jewellery collections that are both exclusive and special. The best part is that you can get a huge variety here to fit within your budget. You can also match emeralds with diamonds, and they could look beautiful with other gemstones as well. The jewelry designers often suggest using emeralds for accessories instead for enhancing your look.

What Makes the Emerald popular

Emeralds are known for their mineral hardness and are very sturdy one can wear them roughly but care should be taken as they are not as hard as diamond. One will find an increasing popularity of colored gemstones. If you really love the green shade, then emeralds are the best way to go. One can opt for emerald wedding bands, emerald engagement rings and designer pendant sets in emeralds. You can look for bracelets, brooches, rings, necklaces, hair pieces in that dazzling color.


Large Collections and Endless Designs

Indian fancy jewellery stores are world famous for the variety and designs they keep. You can browse for a large collection of fancy jewellery sets with them and in endless range of different precious metals and stones. With the growing popularity of emeralds, it is no surprise to see the green shade a lot more in the fancy wedding jewelry. Brides love to wear those special green pieces on their special day or even casually, mixing and matching them, as per their preferences. After all, nothing can beat the dazzle of an emerald. The stone will remain a popular choice for both wedding and casual jewellery.

Go ahead and pick the right kinds of piece you are looking for. The range of variety available will simply leave you overwhelmed with choices. You simply cannot go wrong with an emerald.

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