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Jewellery boxes are an essential piece and we all need them to store our precious ornaments carefully. And Available in traditional jewelry boxes and wooden jewelry boxes best way to store them and keep them safe.

Those little pieces of adornments can grow in number over the time and we would need a proper place to organize them. When looking in the market, you will find a huge range of fancy jewelry boxes, catering to every need and preference. There are traditional jewellery boxes, wooden jewellery boxes, musical jewellery boxes and even personalized jewellery boxes. For those who are can spend a little more, there are silver jewellery boxes. These boxes come in different sizes and types. You may find them plain on the outside while some may carry different embellishments so as to add more appeal to these boxes.

Wooden jewellery boxes are perhaps the most common and higher in demand as they look very attractive and are more sturdy and durable. jewellery boxesThese can be carved or inlaid with other material and artwork. They are made from a range of common and exotic woods. The common and less expensive woods are pine, cherry, oak, redwood and the exotic and expensive wood used to make these boxes are cocobolo, Makassar ebony, zebrawood, olive ash, tiger maple, rosewood etc.

Some of these fancy jewellery boxes can come painted in many colors. Each will have different drawer numbers or side pull outs to keep those bangles, rings, necklaces etc. In addition to the special accessory storage units, many of these boxes for keeping ornaments also carry built in picture frames to place pictures of loved ones.

Many people even buy jewellery boxes to gift them and it is common to see these being gifted on some special occasions and festivities. One can even ask for personalized boxes and get them customized according to their whims and fancy.

jewellery boxes
Prices and sizes of these boxes may vary with different manufacturer. Some of these jewelry boxes may be made by hand or crafted on machine. Whatever the make, kind or price, the truth is that these are essential piece of items in everyone’s life and make excellent gifts for both men and women.

There are many special jewelry boxes that are considered heirlooms in many families and passed down from generations and have become sort of tradition. In short, they have become pride of the family.