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fancy nose ring

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A nose ring is another popular form of body jewelry that one can wear daily or on special occasions. Nothing could be spunkier than a pretty face wearing a fancy nose ring.
fancy nose ring
These rings have increasingly become popular over the last couple of years and today you will find a large segment of fashion conscious men and women adorning these fancy nose rings. Wearing nose rings is much more socially acceptable and is considered to be trendy. There is a great significance to the custom of wearing nose rings in the Indian culture. In fact the customer of wearing these adornments goes back to the 16th century. Today, it is a very popular accessory and can be commonly seen adorned by the modern Indian woman.

There are endless numbers of nose ring designs in the market. You will find them in different shape, size and designs. They can be small and delicate or chunky and big. What is the most popular is the tiny jewel stud that rests beautifully on the curve of the nostril. There are clip on nose rings too who do not like to go for a permanent nose piercing to wear the ring. They can use these rings whenever they want and remove them. The nose ring that is worn on wedding by the bride often is in the shape of a large hoop that lies against the cheek and looks elegant with those graceful pendant pearls.

One will come across different styles of nose ring jewellery in north India and different in south India. In many of the southern states, you will come across nose studs in elaborate designs and with studded diamonds. fancy nose ring
You will find them shaped like lotus and swans and in a variety of styles, designs and patterns. Nose rings in North India are mostly worn by women when they are getting married. However, as these are getting trendier, you will find young girls and modern women wearing them daily. These nose ring designs for daily wear are small and casual while those fancy nose rings are much more elaborate and bigger in size. Nose ring is made in gold, silver and may be studded with valuable stones. They may be clove shaped or shaped like a small semi-circular ring with delicate tassels. Some nose rings come with pearls and pendulous beads. Clip on nose rings make an essential part of fancy jewellery and are more popular among the younger girls.