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Fancy bindis may be traditional for an Indian woman, but the truth is that these jazzy bindis are getting immensely popular all across the world. In some parts of the world, they are looked upon as temporary tattoos that are placed in the middle of the forehead. Bindis are worn by Indian women in the center of their forehead. These are also a symbol of wealth and prosperity for married women. In some communities, it is compulsory for a woman to wear bindi after marriage.

fancy bindis
Indian bindi are available today in a range of styles and designs. With the demand rising in all corners of the world, don’t be surprised to some upon an endless range in these designs to cater to the ever growing demand of the customers. Today it has already become a rage globally and a must a part of fashion. You will find many online stores selling Fancy bindis in almost every size shape and color.

Indian bindi is available in different material. They can be very cheap and made in plastic to some very expensive designer binds in diamonds. Some fancy jewellery stores sell bindi in huge variety catering to every preference and budget. There are customers for very expensive bindis as well as common bindis. Some of the most popular variety are those jazzy bindi that are made in the best quality and design. You will generally find them in round or circular shape but longer bindis in elongated designs are getting common. They are filled with one or more than one color. YU you will also find decorative beads and gems placed on them to make them look more traditional.

Binids can be worn daily. fancy bindis
You will find women admiring them when going to their office or wearing a very intricately designed bindi on a special occasion. As these bindi come in all possible color, it is easy to match them with the jewelry one is wearing as well as the dress. Today they are an important part of one’s attire and the look is incomplete if you are not wearing one especially in the Indian sociality.

When buying a binid, always do so from a reputed store. There are many online fancy jewellery stores selling low quality bindis, taking advantage of the high demand. Often these bindis don’t last long and the glue at their back is also of not good quality and can lead to irritation on the skin.