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Every woman feels here look is incomplete without bangles. In some south Asian countries, it is mandatory for married women to wear bangles. Fancy bangles have been worn by women since times immemorial and we see mention of them in our history. The best part about this piece of fancy jewellery is that these can be worn daily or on special occasions. There is a high demand for bangles designs in different styles and metals all over the world.

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Women just love bangles and feels her look is not complete without them. Most women have large collection of bangles , especially the glass and lac ones that she has collected with time to match her dress or the occasion. These bangles come in almost every color and are embellished with semi precious stones, glass and beads.

Bangle can be made of different metals such as gold, silver, white gold or platinum. Gold bangles and silver bangles tend to be expensive and bought after great thought and time spent. After all one has to see their budget first. These bangles can be simple and plain or thicker with intricate designs. A single gold \bangle studded with diamonds will look very elegant on any woman but be very expensive too. Special care needs to be taken for that expensive gold and silver bangle.

There are fancy Bangles Sets that are specially worn during a wedding. As they are available in almost any color, one can match them to their dress and get a complete look. One can wear one or two bangles or wear a dozen according to their preference. Today fancy jewelry have a universal appeal and are an essential fashion accessory.fancy bangles
There are felted bangles, glass bangles, colorful bangles, prisma bangles etc. You will find them in combination of beads, thread and other decorations to lend you an impeccable style.

Bangles are especially popular in countries like India, Pakistan and today their demand is high all over the world. Buy those beautiful sets of bangles whenever you can and add to your awesome collection. Today you will come across some amazing designs with intricate and good work and in some new brand looks. There are bangles to suit every taste, need and pocket. You will hardly come across any woman having no bangles. After all, these have an important place in her fancy jewelry collection and she is proud of them.