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fancy anklets

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Anklets are also known as ankle bracelets and are a traditional form of Indian jewellery. Today, the popularity of fancy anklets is sweeping across different countries and you will find many women buying and wearing these pieces of fancy jewelry. One will come across these anklets in different beautiful designs and countless styles. Many anklets for women have small bells that make a soft melodious noise when they walk. Today, both men and women all over the world can be seen wearing the funkier style of this kind.

fancy anklets
Those exquisite and feminine anklets simply look awesome against those shapely legs. Most of these Indian anklets are made of silver and gold. Those who can spend a little more go for gold anklets while silver anklets are more traditional with common Indian women. These are also referred to as ankle bracelet or ankle bracelet and are worn around the anklet. Some women prefer to wear anklets on both their feet while some may like to get trendy and wear only one.

There is simply a huge variety of fancy anklets for women. Made of silver and gold, many of these are embellished with precious gems, stones and even diamonds. These delicately designed anklets just look great on any woman, adding to their grace and style. You will also find beaded anklets and the variety of these Indian anklets is so vast that it can get mind boggling to pick the right anklets that look attractive and beautiful.

fancy anklets
Young girls prefer wearing silver anklets as they are less expensive and look very trendy and can be worn with any dress. These may come embellished with colorful stones and beads. There are bone and shell anklets too found in some parts of the world and particularly manufactured in Indonesia. Plastic anklets too are very popular due to immense variety and innovative look one can find in them. Wooden Anklets are general beaded and one can find many traditional designs in both natural colored wood and colored wood that are popular because of their distinctive look. One will also come across stone anklet, bone anklets, glass anklets, and even jute anklets to suit different styles and moods as well as pocket.

These fancy jewelry items have existed ever since in ancient times but they are still a rage today. You will find fancy anklets worn by women in India, Egypt and some Arab countries. Every country has their traditions and beliefs linked to these pieces of ornaments.